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Upcoming Events & Latest News

CPA Gala

The UOAA is very pleased and excited to present the 2015 CPA Gala! The CPA Gala is UOAA’s biggest and most popular event that caps off another successful academic year. Join us for an evening of networking and socializing as you meet with various guests and employers. This is an opportunity for you to make one final impression before the fall recruitment period. Attend the CPA Gala to build relationships that can take you a step closer to a successful career. Read more

The UOAA is Hiring!

If you would like to be a leader amongst your peers while being an executive of a prestigious student organization at UOIT, then you should apply to be an executive of the UOIT Accounting Association (UOAA)! Read more

PwC's Talent Academy

If you’re in your first, second or third year of an undergraduate business program looking to specialize in accounting, then this is your opportunity of a lifetime. Apply now to experience PwC’s Talent Academy, which is held June 15-17, 2015. Read more

Executive Look

Executive Look is an exclusive event hosted at our downtown Toronto office that connects today’s best and brightest student leaders to members of KPMG’s executive and management teams. This National program will allow you to learn about our functions, the programs we offer, meet and interact with KPMG Executives and have the opportunity to participate in interactive workshops, team activities and roundtable discussions. Read more

Building the Brand for a Young Professional

The majority of jobs today are not advertised. It’s been quoted that over 80% of the job market is accounted for by something called the “hidden job market.” A market where the people you know, and the relationships you’ve cultivated helps you surpass the barrier.Your ability to leverage your networking skills will help you crack the hidden job market. With our annual UOAA CPA Gala April 1st, 2015, we want our members to be in the best position possible to take advantage of the numerous employers in attendance, some of whom looking to hire both interns and full time. Read more

Deloitte National Leadership Conference 2015

Experience the Deloitte difference in summer 2015! Taking place from August 19 to 21 in Toronto, ON, Deloitte’s exclusive summer conference will provide you with 2.5 days filled with opportunities to elevate your potential. Read more
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