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Upcoming Events & Latest News

Ace the Case Info Session

The UOAA is proud to be hosting KPMG on campus to talk with our members about their Ace the Case Program. This info session will give you first-hand information on what Ace the Case is all about, the benefits of attending and the application process. Ace the Case involves a 2-day case writing workshop at KPMG’s GTA office. Read more


Due to high demand for UOAA memberships, we have created a online platform for students to purchase memberships online. Read more

CPA Night

The UOAA is proud to invite our members to one of our biggest and most prestigious events, CPA night! CPA night will give students the opportunity to take an in-depth look into the opportunities available after attaining your CPA designation, including those that lie in both industry and public accounting. Read more

Bowling With Professionals

The UOAA is proud to announce our 5th annual Bowling with Professionals! Bowling with Professionals will be a fun-filled day that brings together business students and representatives from the accounting profession for an afternoon of bowling! Read more

Building Your Professional Brand

Interested in learning how you can set yourself apart during networking sessions and recruitment? Curious about how you could possibly impress potential employers? The UOAA would like to invite members to Building Your Professional Brand! Read more

UOAA Is Hiring

If you would like to be a leader among your peers while being an executive of a prestigious student organization at UOIT, then you should apply to be an executive of the UOIT Accounting Association (UOAA)! Read more
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